Who We Are


Land Doc is an indigenous property rectifier platform, chiseled by professionals with decades of experience in the real estate industry for those buyers who want to invest in property with peace of mind either for personal use or for commercial gain. We are a team of well-ground Land Analysts who personally work for clients in identifying the genuineness of property documents open for sale in the real estate market.

Our process involves filtering the past original documents, analyzing the genuineness of current ownership and providing the original guidance on whether to buy or not in issues relating to purchasing of real estate including land and buildings. We believe in providing clarity on land deals that are supported by proper genuine documents, so that once you buy your real estate, whether it is a plot, building, home of residence or a commercial complex, your decision will be devoid of the pitfalls of real estate malpractices.

We deliver our best services to assure peace of mind to our valued clients in their real estate purchase endeavor.


We believe in establishing and contributing to a hassle-free society devoid of irregularities in every type of property deal. We envision a nation, where property transactions are engaged in, with fullfaith and trust, totally wiping out every element of negativity thereby building a healthy and mutually supportive society. We believe that our humble initiative will create ripples across the nation for conducting property deals honestly with due honour and respect for every individual.


We focus on bringing transparency to purchase/sale of real estate in paper and property through professionally competent, systematic and personalized check-up by adhering to Municipality / Corporation / Regional Development Authority Laws and Property Acts prevalent in the area / locality of the customer. We also make sure that our clients settle for the best market prices and face zero hurdles in civil/commercial construction of any type on the purchased property.