We provide the best of our services in checking, analyzing and aligning the disparities in Title Deeds, Encumbrance Certificates and Property Tax Bills & Receipts. We personally review the transparency of the deal in paper and property by counter-checking the Title Deed facts with actual visit to the site so that every confusion and disparity is diffused before the client sets in for the move of purchase realization. The services are chargeable at the most relevant and economic market rates, the last line being, a satisfied client/customer is of more worth and value than any transaction and our true asset is the real ‘You’.


Strategy & Research

Once you present your case to us, our Personal Land Rectifiers (PLRs) will individually check the documents including the Title Deeds, Encumbrance and Property Receipts at the related Sub-Registrar’s Office along with a visit to the site of the property put up for sale to bring clarity both in paper and property for the final Decision / Conclusion of the Deal / Agreement / Purchase to be fit for a proper approved legal and binding transaction. 


Documents required for a genuine and approved legal transaction are:

  • Original Land Deed of the Current Owner (7/12 Document)
  • Encumbrance Certificate (Minimum 30 Years Required)
  • Original Property Tax Receipts


We provide all solutions to property – transaction related issues. Property with insufficient document proof should be cross-checked at the related Sub-Registrar’s Office and the required documents and declarations should be filed legally and through appropriate channels to bring clearance for the property. All forms of governmental and legal sanctions/ papers should be acquired for effecting a valid real estate transaction.

In short, we provide every hidden, critical, legal and valid information on a real estate property forwarded for sale transaction, so that the buyer has the rest assured on his/her decision to realize the same or not.